February 5, 2018

Our Week On Instragram (w/c 29th January 2018)

Here’s this week’s pick of our favourite photos from the last few days, as shared on Instagram by our intrepid Daily PRSS editors!

WILL YOU SPONSOR AN OCTOPUS FOR A VERY TINY BABY ? THEY ONLY COST £4 each to SPONSOR! Many of you will know that Team Lovelight have been creating small octopuses for premature babies in the Neo Natal Unit (NNU) at St.Georges hospital. Well we need some help a bit further afield. This inventive idea originally from Demark where doctors observed premature babies with these soft toys.  Babies that held their octopus showed overall improvements in breathing, heartbeat, oxygen and blood levels. They were also less troubled by the various monitors and IVs. Overall, the prescence of these tiny soft toys seemed to have a general calming effect on the babies. Why an octopus? -the eight-tentacled sea creatures make the babies feel more secure as they hold on to the tentacles which remind them of their mother's umbilical cord. -octopi have three hearts so maybe they offer more love and affection than any other soft toy!  When the babies sleep, they hold onto the tentacles tightly. Normally in the womb they would play with the umbilical cord so the octopus's tentacles help them feel grounded and safe. Please email  if you would like to sponsor an octopus that will be placed with a child. You can choose a colour and write a note to accompany the octopus when it is given to these very tiny babies. #charity #stgeorgeshospital #octopus

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Anyone else feel like this ?? #miltonkeynes #miltonkeyensdailyprss #january2018

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February 5, 2018