February 8, 2018

Influence your local community with Daily PRSS!

Grow your influence, audience & revenue in your local community with Daily PRSS!

Daily PRSS is a growing network of hyperlocal news sites that serve communities across the UK & Ireland and is revolutionising how residents and businesses connect with their local area.

Daily PRSS is looking for local editors who want to license and run the leading news resource for their community as a business opportunity. By using our platform to curate and share the latest content from local publishers alongside your own content, you’ll expand your influence and network, generate revenue and make a real difference.

Live site example: Tooting Daily PRSS – check out the desktop version for the full experience, as well as the social media pages.

Daily PRSS started life in Tooting, South West London, where Tooting Daily PRSS has quickly established itself as the destination for all the latest news in the area, telling the story of the town. Whether it’s a new restaurant opening, live reporting from events or helping to raise awareness for community initiatives. Tooting Daily PRSS keeps its huge local following right up-to-date with all the latest Tooting news & events, 24/7.

Check out other sites in our Daily PRSS network.

Want to run Daily PRSS in your area?

We’re looking for licensees who have a real passion for their local area along with great written, social media and sales skills.

So if you think you have what it takes to become a powerful influence in your local community and make a real difference whilst generating revenue, then get in touch to find out more!


February 8, 2018